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This site is not about anything in particular, and it is not about me. If you want to know about my official life then look at Great Circle Design's site; what is here is a collection of short notes, links and images about a few things I am involved in. You'll find that this site is not decorated and that is for a selection of reasons. I could pretend that I have done this to make it quicker to download, or as some token gesture at minimalism. Maybe it is that as a design engineer I just want to get down to the underlying structure as soon as I can. But a better reason is my belief in linear text. Take good uncluttered text and it is possible to lead a reader on a far more interesting journey; images and references can be revealed as the author plans, not thrust forward waiting for the random click to take them out of context. No doubt hypertext serves a purpose in some worlds, but sit down, pour another glass of fine wine, lean back in the leather chair and ask where the subtlety is.

Linear text, perhaps we should call it writing, is an ancient and noble art. And this, of course, is the real reason. I have learned this art, and I can't quite now bring myself to to throw it all away and learn interior decorating.

If there is a theme to be found here, then it is my accidental and gradually acquired role as the curator of an eclectic transport museum. Which is to say, perhaps, that all you have here is boys' toys. To find out more, or about other parts of my life, you will have to engage me by e-mail. Roll out that sequential text: all that grammar, that syntax; the developed arguments; subsidiary clauses; those rolling, sweeping, majestic descriptions. The finest of images needs only a few K.



Why we shout "common" when overtaking Porsches



Regularly expose your undercarriage to the sky


Hovercraft Racing

Loud engines and a little bit of skirt



A Sample: The Boy in the Burning Aeroplane


Keeping Fit

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Designing Radios

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